Description of the application

The introduction of contemporary techniques, and continuous development and improvement of all aspects involved in efficient control of measures to be applied enable superior level of service, not only to meet the requirements of customers, but also to secure the position on the market.

One of the major BIO SPIN strengths is approach that aims to increase efficiency, improve quality and follow up control services.

This is an online application with a single database and complete analysis of the efficiency of facilities and operatives, so that at any time we have an insight into the current state of the object under control meassures.

The application is fully adapted to all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones. It is characterized by quick and easy entry of data.

Every employee has a unique account which has access to her/his task and history of object which is under her/his competence. The application captures and tracks all procedures and make analyzes and statistics in real time. It is possible to dispatch more types of reports depending on our needs, the needs of employees or customers.

Reports can be filtered and dispatched based on the given date, critical facilities, facilities that have poor marks, etc. It is also possible to dispatch photo reports from the scene, so that it is possible to check the layout of critical objects and have a graphic representation in relation to the type of work (disinfection, fumigation, and the control of weed, mosquitoes, ticks.

The introduction of this system has enhanced the efficiency, control and quality of the services and are time and resources saving.

You can start using application by clicking here.