• We perform professional services RODENT CONTROL all types of objects.

  • For perfect cleanness and sterilization we perform DISINFECTION all types of objects.

  • Best DESINSECTION all types of objects.

  • You have a problem with pests, insects or bacteria? FUMIGATION is unique solution!

  • You have an allergy to ragweed? Call BIO SPIN and we will solve your problems!

Our services

bio Spin Novi SadBIO SPIN Ltd. from Novi Sad, was founded in 1990 as a company with core competencies in the field of communal hygiene and public health - performing pest control, mosquito control, store products pest control (conducting fumigation), disinfection, weed control..
BIO SPIN Ltd. meets all standards of technical capacity for carrying out Pest control services. The company employs an expert in biology, an epidemiologist, an expert in the plant protection and a number of operators, technicians with various qualifications (veterinary technician, agricultural technician, medical technician, sanitary-ecological technician and engineering technician).

In 2007, BIO SPIN Ltd. acquired a certification for the quality of its management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. The company has the certificat for internationally recognized standards in the field of the safe food production, i.e. HACCP system. Our team of professionals guarantees quality and efficiency.

Call us and you will be satisfied with our services just as many companies, municipalities, mills, silos and restaurants have been. Looking forward to our successful business cooperation. Sincerely yours, "BIO SPIN" Ltd.

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The reasons are many, but the most important one is that we offer a unique solution.
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    Quality and long tradition

    BIO SPIN Ltd. has been successfully operating for twenty-five years and during this period we have collaborated and offered our services leading companies in the territory of Serbia.

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    Adaptability to the needs of clients

    The employees of BIO SPIN Ltd. are always ready to meet all the requirements of our clients, because customer’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance for each involved member of the company!

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    Quick response and efficenacy

    We are always ready to provide an unique and durable solution to all your needs as well as to provide complete support to develop a sustainable solution for a safe and environmentally friendly control. Expertise and excellent facilities

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    Expertise and excellent facilities

    We believe that only the combination of professionally trained personnel and modern equipment can result in permanent solutions to your requirements.