UV devices for flying insect control Chameleon®
Why should flying insect forms be controlled?

By law, the food which is sold must be safe and free of pollution. Therefore, it must be proved that all precautions against infestation of insects have to been taken. These insects (primarily flies) are highly mobile and do not make any distinction between food prepared for consumption and any other surfacethei visit. Wherever they walk or eat, they leave droppings (feces). Many species of insects have a specific way of life which poses a risk to food safety. In this respect, the control of flying insects is more than just installing the device in a visible place.

The efficiency of the device, depending on the model and the place where it is set, has a significant impact on the level of protection that it will be provides to clients.
Professional Chameleon® devices use the technology with adhesive plates which are thin, lightweight and easy to maintain. Use of sticky traps enables insects to be fixed/traped.
This means that there is no risk for contamination of the environment which allows to set Chameleon devices closer to sensitive areas. They are silent, discreet and hygienic and will catch even very small insects such as fruit flies.
Used sticky boards can be used for the monitoring purposes and the analysis insects abundance and the species identification.. Also, the sticky boards are a mean for easy identification of insects whose presence is controlled.

Karakteristike svih uređaja:

• Three-year warranty (excluding consumables).

• They are fully compliant with European standards, in accordance with the HACCP system and marked with CE

• Quantum tubes, resistant to breaking, are FEP-coated and that is a flexible industrial material for the maximum attraction of insects and reduction of the risk of pollution with shattered glass.

• Full-size sticky board to effectively capture even the smallest form of flying insects.

• Easy to remove bottom tray, drop-down guards and front covers - no tool service

• Reflectobakt® reflective surface, that enhances the insect attracting, significantly slows down the drying of the adhesive plate and allows longer battery plates and thinner structure.

• Replaceable sticky boards are the same for all Chameleon® devices thereby minimizing the required reserves.